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For over 15 years I’ve worked as an Architectural Visualiser & 3D artist on building projects throughout the UK. I started InfraCGI as I wanted to use my skills to create images of what good active travel infrastructure could look like.

There is very little CGI imagery out there for showing and explaining to the public the benefits of active travel & reduced presence of private cars. Especially for roads in everyday places in everyday towns.

In the vast majority of cases there is room on a road or street for protected cycle lanes to be included. All my visuals are accurately camera matched and modelled at real world scale so that they are a true representation of what could be possible if space was allocated differently.

I produce visuals for public bodies, private consultants, campaign groups and passionate individuals at competitive prices compared to traditional Arch Vis studios. Please get in touch with the email below if you would like to commission visuals of your project or campaign focus. Please include details of what you would like to see in the transformation or if you would like me to create the layout along with links to the location on streetview.

All my visuals are rendered at the original resolution of the base photography, meaning the final product is high enough resolution for all possible uses.

For individuals who are passionate about seeing change on our streets to enable active travel choices I regularly produce transformations of everyday roads and places. These are are a mix of places I have visited or passed by as well as submissions from Patreon supporters or social media followers. Creating these images takes time and money, any financial support you can give for Infra CGI on Patreon would be greatly appreciated and will go towards producing more images like the ones you see here.

You can also use buy me a coffee here to donate as much or as little as you prefer.

Manchester, UK